Our Innovative Creative Curriculum

Nurturing Young Minds with a Creative Curriculum

At Little Hands International Preschool (LHIP), we are dedicated to delivering exceptional early childhood education, and it all begins with our curriculum. We proudly implement the Creative Curriculum by Teaching Strategies, a trusted choice among early childhood educators across the United States for over four decades.


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Creative Curriculum Excellence

The Creative Curriculum represents a pinnacle of excellence in early childhood education. More than just a curriculum, it provides a comprehensive, research-based, and research-proven suite of resources that empowers our educators to be at their most effective. We celebrate their creativity while recognizing their vital role in making learning engaging and relevant for every child.

Chinese  Languages and Culture

Our curriculum provides Chinese (Mandarin) experiences for children to acquire the languages. We offer a combination of guided and natural learning methods to increase children’s language competency progressively.

Enrichment programs

The following weekly / biweekly enrichment programs are offered to age-appropriate classrooms to simulate children’s minds and improve their learning skills. (Some fees may apply)

  • Spanish

  • Snapology / Lego Robotic

  • Gymnastic

  • Sports Lesson

  • Culinary experiences


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Development of the Whole Child

Our curriculum is firmly grounded in research, ensuring it supports the holistic development of each child. We firmly believe that these early years are pivotal, and our educators are armed with high-quality, comprehensive resources that enable them to intentionally educate and nurture our youngest learners.


Fostering Curiosity

The Creative Curriculum fosters an environment that cultivates curiosity, exploration, and a deep love for learning. It offers a framework that enables us to tailor our teaching to suit the unique needs of each child, helping them flourish academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

A Trusted Choice

Teaching strategies has been at the forefront of early childhood education for four decades, and we take immense pride in aligning with their values and commitment to excellence. By adopting the creative curriculum, we ensure that your child receives the highest standard of education.

What our customers are saying

"Small school…BIG family! sums up the spirit of this top notch preschool."

- Lina L.

"We have entrusted the care and early education of our son to Little Hands since he was just 18 months old, and our experience has been nothing short of exceptional."

- Waine L.

"We loved EVERY aspect of the school and would recommend it to any parents who would like a caring, balanced, and intellectual environment for their young children."

- Ze Z.

We warmly invite you to be part of our journey in nurturing young minds. Discover how the Creative Curriculum enhances the educational experience at Little Hands International Preschool.