Preschool Classroom for 3-5-Year-Olds at Little Hands International Preschool — Where Little Minds Bloom in Two Languages

At Little Hands International Preschool, nestled in the heart of Austin, TX, we believe in the boundless potential of every young learner. Our Preschool Classroom for 3-5-year-olds stands as a beacon of bilingual education, where English and Mandarin interweave to create a rich tapestry of learning and discovery. Dive into a world where your child's curiosity is cherished and nurtured — schedule your tour today to see the magic for yourself!

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Our Research Based Bilingual Curriculum

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Language and Literacy Skills

In our vibrant international school, language and literacy are the cornerstones of our curriculum. Through engaging storytelling, interactive book readings, and playful rhyme sessions, we expand our young learners' vocabularies in both English and Mandarin. Our approach ensures that children not only recognize letters and numbers but also start weaving their own tales, setting a strong foundation for bilingual literacy.


Pre-Math Skills

Our little mathematicians embark on a journey of numbers and shapes, exploring basic mathematical concepts through hands-on activities. Counting games, matching exercises, and simple problem-solving tasks are designed to ignite a love for numbers. In this nurturing environment, every child learns at their own pace, understanding the world of mathematics as a part of their daily adventures.

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Collaborative Play

At our bilingual preschool, playtime is a collaborative effort. Guided by our tenured teachers, children learn the joy of working together, whether they're building majestic castles, creating intricate art, or engaging in imaginative play. This collaborative spirit fosters social skills, teamwork, and empathy, preparing our young learners for a lifetime of positive interactions.

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Creativity and Imagination

Our preschool classroom is a haven for creativity and imagination. Through music, movement, dramatic play, and arts and crafts, we encourage children to express themselves freely. Each day is an opportunity to embark on new adventures, from pretending to be astronauts exploring space to artists painting their next masterpiece. Our aim is to nurture creative thinkers who see the world in vibrant colors.

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The Heart of Our Community

At the core of Little Hands International Preschool are values that reflect our commitment to each child's growth and happiness. We believe in fostering teamwork, creativity, and leadership wrapped in the warmth of a caring, supportive community. Our bilingual preschool curriculum is designed to cultivate not just academic skills but also emotional intelligence, respect for diversity, and a lifelong love for learning.

Beyond Language Learning

Combining Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical Development With Language

Our Mandarin immersion preschool goes beyond traditional learning. We intertwine emotional well-being, cognitive growth, and physical development with language acquisition, creating a holistic educational experience. This approach ensures that every child not only becomes fluent in Mandarin and English but also grows into a well-rounded individual.

Building Community With Diverse Backgrounds

We believe in the power of diversity to enrich learning experiences, fostering an environment where every child, family, and staff member feels valued and understood. This sense of belonging is crucial in nurturing confident and empathetic global citizens.

Learning Language Within a Cultural Context

Language learning at Little Hands is immersive, engaging children in the cultural nuances of both English and Mandarin-speaking worlds. Through traditional stories, celebrations, and customs, we provide a rich cultural context that makes language learning meaningful and exciting. This immersive experience not only promotes fluency but also instills a deep appreciation for global cultures.

What our customers are saying

"We have been at Little Hands for only a couple of months, but I have really been impressed. I receive more pictures and videos of my child than any of the other schools that we have attended. There are scheduled parent-teacher conferences throughout the year, and a newsletter is sent out reviewing what the class is covering every week."

- Jennifer F.

"We had our daughter in Little Hands for the last two years. Our daughter enjoyed every single moment in this lovely and caring place."

- Chang L.

"I would give it 10 stars if I could. My daughter has recently completed her graduation from Little Hands. Over the past two years, it's been the place where she has experienced the most joy."

- Selena L.

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