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At Little Hands International Preschool (LHIP), we believe that every child deserves an environment designed to foster growth and learning. Discover the intentionality behind each of our uniquely prepared classrooms, tailored to provide a full range of learning opportunities for your child.


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Our Classroom Environments

Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed to nurture your child's development. Each space is intentionally created to support their educational journey. We take pride in offering a curriculum that encourages exploration, creativity, and language development.

Toddler Classroom (15 Months – 2 Years Old)

In our Toddler Classroom, the world comes alive for your little explorer! Children at this age are inquisitive and eager to engage with the world around them. We understand the importance of fostering their early developments.

    • Independence and Autonomy: Toddlers in this classroom begin to learn to do things on their own. They wash their own hands, self-feed, sit in a chair, line up, and explore their world!

    • Social Emotional Intelligence: We prioritize emotional growth, helping toddlers recognize and express their feelings. Our safe and loving environment encourages empathy, as children learn to understand and respond to their own emotions and those of their peers. They learn to share toys, take turn and enjoy the time together.

    • Chinese language development: The primary language for the toddler's classroom is Chinese. We create rich Chinese learning environment to expand their vocabulary to one, two words to phrases, to short sentences through book reading, rhymes & songs.

    • Cognitive Learning: Toddlers explore the world with the five senses, sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. These senses play a crucial role in their cognitive and physical development, as they explore and make sense of the world around them.

    • Motor Skills: Age-appropriate toys in the classroom help promote the fine motor skills. They learn to pick up, pinch, push, press, which are essential prewriting skills. Daily outdoor plays help with gross motor skills to improve balance and coordination thus promoting healthy physical growth.

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Toddler Classroom (Two-Year- Olds)

In the Toddler Classroom for 2 -year-olds, we celebrate new-found independence. Your child's "I can do it myself" spirit is embraced as they learn to take care of themselves and explore their sensory world.

  • Practicing Independence: We empower toddlers to perform self-care tasks such as self-feeding, toileting, and dressing themselves. They develop self-reliance and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Emotional and social development: Students learn about their emotions, express themselves, and develop healthy relationships with peers and teachers. They may engage in activities that promote empathy, emotional regulation, and conflict resolution.
  • Chinese language development: The primary language for the toddler's classroom is Chinese. We help expand their vocabulary to form sentences through storytelling, singing songs, pretend plays and engaging in conversations.

  • Cognitive skills: Our two-year-olds learn basic shapes, colors and numbers through games, puzzles and interactive plays.
  • Motor skills: Our classroom is a hands-on wonderland with sensory materials like finger paint, brush paint, sand, clay, water and mud play for fine motor skill development. Their daily outdoor activities such as running, jumping, climbing and playing with balls help with gross motor skills to improve coordination and balance.

PreK 3 Classroom (Three - Year- Olds)

The Preschool Classroom is where curiosity thrives. Your child's growing physical abilities, social skills, and cognitive development are nurtured here.

  • Language and literacy skills: We help our three-year-olds expand their vocabulary and language skills through conversations, storytelling both in Chinese & English, and exposure to books and rhymes. Letters and numbers recognition are also taught in this classroom.
  • Pre-math skills: Students are introduced to basic mathematical concepts through hands-on activities. They learn to count, recognize number, engage in counting and matching games,
  • Collaborative Play: As social skills blossom, children engage in collaborative projects, building structures and creating arts together. Our teachers guide them in navigating skills like cooperation and teamwork.
  • Creativity and imagination: Three -year-olds love to imagine! We provide opportunities for children to engage in pretend plays, creative arts and crafts, storytelling, imaginative plays, music & movement and other dramatic play scenarios.

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom (Four & Five- Year- Olds)

Our Pre-Kindergarten Classroom prepares children for success, focusing on self-regulation, readiness for kindergarten, academic skills and advanced Chinese lessons.

  • Kindergarten Readiness: We emphasize self-regulation, effective communication, and respect for others. Children develop enthusiasm for learning, attention, and the ability to follow directions. Students also learn to write their names, letters and numbers, phonic and sight words.
  • Math skills: The math goal for our four and five years old typically focus on building a solid foundation in number recognition and counting both in written and spoken form, from 1 to 100 or beyond, understand the basic addition and subtraction, and problem solving.
  • Social studies: We focus on introducing foundational concepts about the immediate environment, community, the world, learning to respect different cultures, traditions and customs.
  • Chinese learning: At this age, we introduce Chinese-character recognition and writing with correct stroke order. Beside songs and rhymes, ancient Chinese poems and stories are added to the curriculum to help students familiarize with the Chinese culture.
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Language Immersion Programs

At LHIP, we offer more than just traditional education. Our Language Immersion Programs provide a unique opportunity for your child to learn Chinese in an immersive and engaging setting. It's a chance for them to become global citizens from an early age.


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"Small school…BIG family! sums up the spirit of this top notch preschool."

- Lina L.

"We have entrusted the care and early education of our son to Little Hands since he was just 18 months old, and our experience has been nothing short of exceptional."

- Waine L.

"We loved EVERY aspect of the school and would recommend it to any parents who would like a caring, balanced, and intellectual environment for their young children."

- Ze Z.

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