Discover the World of Learning in Our Toddler Classroom at Little Hands International Preschool

Little Hands International Preschool is an esteemed international preschool in Austin, Texas, where we offer a unique and enriching experience for your toddler. We focus on early childhood education with a special emphasis on Mandarin language immersion. We believe in creating a rich language environment where your child can grow, learn, and explore in a vibrant, nurturing setting.

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A Glimpse into Our Toddler Classroom

Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed to nurture your child's development. Each space is intentionally created to support their educational journey. We take pride in offering a curriculum that encourages exploration, creativity, and language development.

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Motor Skills Development

At Little Hands International Preschool, we understand the importance of motor skills in early childhood. Our classroom is equipped with age-appropriate toys that enhance fine motor skills crucial for prewriting abilities. Additionally, our international school includes daily outdoor play, fostering gross motor skills that improve balance and coordination, and promoting healthy physical growth.

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Social Emotional Intelligence

At Little Hands International Preschool, emotional growth is a priority. We understand the significance of developing social-emotional intelligence in early childhood. Our international preschool provides a safe and loving environment where toddlers learn to express their feelings, share toys, and take turns. This nurturing approach at our bilingual preschool helps them develop empathy and understand the emotions of their peers.

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Chinese Language Development

As a leading Mandarin immersion preschool, the primary language in our Toddler Classroom is Chinese. We create an immersive environment where toddlers expand their vocabulary from single words to phrases and short sentences. Through engaging activities like book reading, rhymes, and songs, our language immersion programs make learning Chinese enjoyable and effective.

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Cognitive Learning

Our international preschool emphasizes cognitive learning through sensory experiences. Toddlers explore the world using sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. This multisensory approach in our language immersion programs aids in cognitive and physical development, helping children make sense of their surroundings.

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Independence and Autonomy

In our Toddler Classroom, we celebrate the spirit of exploration and independence. This age is a crucial time for children to learn self-reliance. Toddlers are encouraged to wash their hands, self-feed, and engage in activities that promote autonomy. These foundational skills are vital for their growth and development in an international school setting.

Language Immersion in a Global Context

At our Mandarin immersion preschool, language learning goes hand in hand with cultural understanding. Our international preschool is not just about language immersion; it's about nurturing a global perspective from a young age.

Holistic Approach to Early Childhood Education

We believe in a balanced approach to learning. Our international school combines language immersion programs with emotional, cognitive, and physical development, ensuring a well-rounded experience for your toddler.

A Community of Learning

Little Hands International Preschool is more than just an international preschool; it's a community. Our bilingual preschool is a place where families from diverse backgrounds come together, creating a rich, multicultural environment for children to thrive.

What our customers are saying

"Small school…BIG family! sums up the spirit of this top notch preschool."

- Lina L.

"We have entrusted the care and early education of our son to Little Hands since he was just 18 months old, and our experience has been nothing short of exceptional."

- Waine L.

"We loved EVERY aspect of the school and would recommend it to any parents who would like a caring, balanced, and intellectual environment for their young children."

- Ze Z.

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